A Journey to Find Balance

I originally started this blog to document my journey in getting back to nature. I wanted to try a holistic approach to my health… but I fell off the wagon. Stress and anxiety took over. I needed to discover what went wrong? Where did my issues start? And then it came to me… I had […]

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The Double Standard Dogma

No shirt, no shoes, no service… but on ladies’ night, no shirt gets the good looking ladies free drinks. A female going out with her girl friends is perfectly fine, swap those ladies for men and she is now a slut – regardless of whether she has sex with any of them or not. A […]

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For the Love of Comics

I love all things comic book/superhero/fantasy… basically anything that involves a hero/heroine kicking butt and saving the day. I’m thrilled that DC and Marvel have been putting out some awesome movies as of late. Admittedly, Marvel has been kicking DC’s butt, but I was hopeful when my all time fave, Batman, was scheduled to fight […]

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Let’s Talk About Sex

We often talk about getting healthy, however, one subject we tend to avoid is sexual health. Why is sex so taboo to talk about? I grew up in a very conservative family and talking about anything sexual or even mentioning your body parts by their actual name did not happen. It took me years just […]

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Beware the Blue Screen

Most of us are aware of the term ‘blue screen of death’. It’s that moment when your heart sinks into your stomach, and the panic rises inside as you realize all is lost. It’s most certainly a horrible feeling. However, fret not, that’s not what I’m talking about. What I am referring to is the […]

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Ditch the Rx

I’ve had ADHD, Anxiety, and Migraines on and off for several years, but after the birth of my son five years ago, my migraines got increasingly worse. (I blame this on the epidural – that I didn’t want in the first place.) I went to numerous Doctors and Specialists and none of them really wanted […]

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