About Me

I decided to start blogging to not only force myself to be more open and get out there, but to also share life… it’s ups, downs, and everything in between.
UniquelyMe135 spawned out of a desire to share my journey to a more holistic and natural approach to my health. However, it is also a chance for me to share, well… me. (Before you ask, yes, there is something to the numbers 135. They correspond with letters of the alphabet; A-C-E. It’s a name that is very dear to me.)
I am a published author of poetry and erotic fantasy. I am currently working on a fantasy novel. Who knows, perhaps this one might make it to the big leagues. I’ve dabbled in selling Pure Romance, and have taken up Tang Soo Do. So I have an interesting journey ahead of me.
Either way, I enjoy writing and look forward to sharing my life with you. Be forewarned, sometime I may overshare.

Feel free to follow my page on Facebook as well!

Stay frosty!


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