Pushing Through the Bad Days

This weekend was a doozy. I have been lucky in that I haven’t had a migraine in almost two weeks now, but it made up for it this past weekend.

Thursday at karate we did Bo Staff and apparently that irritated my neck muscles. I also fell asleep without wearing my mouth guard. Friday morning a storm was rolling in and mother nature decided it was time to make her random visit. (my periods are never normal or trackable).

In an effort to keep the migraine at bay, I chugged some Dr Pepper. It didn’t help. So, I rubbed some muscle rub on and took my B2 and B5 vitamins hoping that might keep it at bay. It helped, but I could feel the pressure building from my jaw and base of my skull. There was no defeating this one without prescription assistance.

I took an Imitrex and waited. It usually takes 20 minutes or so to feel full relief, but there wasn’t any this time. I knew it was going to be a rough one then. I took a Xanax and finally started getting some relief.  Of course, those two combined make me sleepy, so when bedtime rolled around I crashed… and forgot to wear my mouth guard again.

I woke up around 2 am with the pain returning. I got up and heated up my rice bag and fell back asleep with it on my face.  My son woke up around 8 and went to play his video game. I got up, fixed his breakfast and took another Imitrex and Xanex. Then it was back to bed for me.

My husband got up and he and the kiddo went outside and started working on the new chicken pen. I stayed in bed… till 2:30 pm.  I finally drug myself out of bed and sat on the couch. After eating something, I felt a bit better and started to clean. That didn’t last long. I got maybe an hour’s worth of cleaning in before the migraine started coming back. This time I took just a Xanax and got my rice bag. I laid down and just relaxed.

By the time I got full relief it was time for bed again. My whole day had been wasted thanks to the migraine and meds. I’m thankful that it went away, but hate the fact that I missed getting to enjoy such a beautiful day off.

I’m suffering the consequences of a weekend filled with prescription meds. I have a dull headache and the start of a UTI and my stomach is pissed at me for pumping it full of irritating medications.  It’s not easy when your wins come with repercussions, but I won’t let this set me back.

I go see my chiropractor on Wednesday and my massage therapist on Friday.  I have my fingers crossed and hopes high that in sticking to the adjustments and therapy that I can manage these horrible migraines. I know I’ll have a bad day every now and then, just like this past weekend, but I won’t let it discourage me. I’m glad I have the meds as a backup, but I will be overjoyed when I no longer have to worry about if I have them with me just in case I get a migraine. I long for the day that I can travel somewhere without stressing over if I remembered to pack my migraine/stress meds.

That day will come.  It won’t be an easy road, but I will push onward.

Until next time,

Stay Frosty


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