For the Love of Comics


I love all things comic book/superhero/fantasy… basically anything that involves a hero/heroine kicking butt and saving the day. I’m thrilled that DC and Marvel have been putting out some awesome movies as of late. Admittedly, Marvel has been kicking DC’s butt, but I was hopeful when my all time fave, Batman, was scheduled to fight the man from Krypton on the big screen. I’ve always loved Batman and Supes love/hate relationship, and I was curious as to how they were going to play this out in Batman vs Superman. So, it comes as no surprise that I went to see my beloved Batman on opening night.
Now, before I delve into my humble opinion of the movie, I must warn you, there are spoilers ahead!

Alright, so most of us were thinking that Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice was going to be based loosely on Frank Miller’s “The Dark Knight Returns”. We heard rumors that it was, some that it wasn’t. After watching the movie, I can safely say that it is not. There are some familiar scenes, but it almost seems like Zack Snyder just threw every comic book that had Batman/Superman fighting in it into a blender and ‘poof’ there you have it.

Batman is one of my all time fave Superheroes. Why? Because Batman.
When I heard that Afleck was going to be playing him I was pissed. I just couldn’t see it. However, I retract all negative comments I made about Batfleck. He was awesome! I would most definitely watch a stand alone Batfleck movie.

The issue I had with Batman in this movie was his origin story (so, no fault of Afleck’s). Why do we keep bringing that up? We all know how Batman’s parent’s died (if you don’t, then do your own homework and look it up). We don’t need to see his origin story in EVERY Batman movie. You want to flashback (quickly) to his parent’s death scene, or show Bruce mourning at their graveside, fine, but don’t show us the whole freakin’ thing. We get it. We know!

Henry Cavil’s Superman seemed to be fine at the end of Man of Steel. We all thought he had gotten over his issues, BUT it turns out he’s still dwelling on some things. Snyder dwelled too much on the “Superman is a god” thing. Also, at the beginning where he saves Lois and then gets blamed for all the dead bodies… I’m still scratching my head on that one. They finally put Jimmy Olsen in there and then killed him off within five minutes… and he was working with the CIA? Yeah, that photographer/CIA plant that gets offed was Jimmy Olsen. Supposedly he gets a little more screen time in the R rated Director’s cut. That whole scene was just a big ol’ mess. I was hoping that we would get to see the relationship between Jimmy and Supes like in the comics, but Snyder clearly doesn’t want that.

Then we have Lex Luthor. I was seriously hoping that Lex wasn’t going to be as crazy as the previews showed him. Lex is a crazy guy, don’t get me wrong. However the way he was portrayed in the movie made him more like a Joker wanna-be then Lex Luther. He was flat out nuts. I’m holding out hope that all will be made well once Darkseid comes into the pic and we find out that he just had a spell of madness.

Of course, we can’t forget the Amazonian Princess. Yes, I must say, Wonder Woman was AH-MAZING. She was definitely true to her Character. I was skeptical of her role as well, however, Gal Gadot pulled it off magnificently. I am thoroughly excited for the Wonder Woman movie now.

All in all, this movie was all over the place. There were flashbacks from Bruce, from Clark, and a weird dream sequence in which future Flash warns Bruce that Lois is “the key.” Which, nothing ever panned out from that odd scene. Also, we have the dream sequence in which we see post-apocalyptic Batman and the biggest Easter Egg about Darkseid. HOWEVER, despite the jumping around of story arcs from all the different comics, Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice did what it set out to do… introduce the Justice League. We get to see Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg for a short burst of excitement.

The critics seemed to hate Batman vs Superman, and from a critics standpoint, I can see their point. However, from a comic lovers standpoint, it was awesome. I can look past the things that seemed out of place or odd because I have a feeling that all will be revealed in the following Justice League movies. I did get a laugh out of some of the audience members who were so distraught that Doomsday killed Superman. They were continually asking how could he die if this was supposed to lead into Justice League. Poor souls…clearly they don’t know the story. Hopefully his ‘death’ will lead them on a journey into the comics.

At the end of the day, when it comes to any movie I watch, I don’t have to have a perfect story line or adaption to be satisfied (although it does help). I simply have to leave the theater feeling connected to my heroes, and I did.

Two thumbs up for Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. The critics may hate it, but I will always love my Batman no matter what!

Until next time, stay frosty!batman-vs-superman


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